A.B.H Contour Kit: First Impression & Review

Now, I’m sure everyone and their mother has heard about the hype around contouring and it’s kind of become the norm these days. I have to admit I am a lover of contour myself but when contour palettes were introduced I was kind of confused. Firstly, most of the contour and highlight shades come in a palette with 6 shades which can be somewhat overwhelming to a newbie. I know when I first saw the 6 shade palettes I thought ‘are you supposed to put all the colours on your face?’. However, after watching several youtube tutorials and reading reviews online I slowly got the gist of it.

There are so many contour palettes available on the market ranging from high street to high end and from cream to powder. I, personally, was after a cream contour kit because I’d read raving reviews about how they blend so naturally (which I can happily report is true). I was particularly interested in the Anastasia Beverley Hills Cream Contour Kit as I’d seen so many positive reviews on it. After weeks of umming and arring I took the plunge and bought it. A month and a half later and with consistent use I feel like I’m ready to share my thoughts and offer my review on the product.

So where to begin.. The A.B.H Contour Kit comes in 4 sets which range from light to dark and each palettes has 6 shades so it likely to suit a range of skins tones. The kit is quite pricey as it retails at £39 and is available at CultBeauty.com which is handy for UK purchasers like myself.

The main issue I had when choosing the pallets was deciding what shade to pick. I had difficulty choosing between medium and deep but ended up going with deep in the end after googling swatches and watching youtube tutorials. For reference I have deep indian skin and my mac shade is NC45 and found that deep was the right palette for me.

Upon, receiving the kit my initial impression was that it was smaller than  I thought it was going to be. I guess that kind of happens when you order stuff online but none the less the kit comes nicely packaged with an elegant sleeve printed with the A.B.H logo.


Once the sleeve is removed you are left with the palette itself. as you can see there is a clear ‘window’ which allows you to see the shades inside. Initially this did not bother me but now having used the kit you are able to see how messy the kit gets inside which is something I’m not keen on. Perhaps a opaque flap would have been better, however that being said when you first receive the kit it does have that high end feel to it.


The contour kit comes with 6 shades as previously mentioned. The first shade is a highlight shade which can be used to highlight the under-eye area, the nose and anywhere around the face that you prefer to highlight. Next to this is an orange corrector shade which can be used to conceal dark spots and then next to this there is a concealer shade which can be used to conceal the areas which have been corrected.

Now, onto the contour shades: there are 3 contour shades along the second row. I think they put 3 there to allow variety and to cater to women of different tones which I think really works. I found that I am able to comfortably wear all 3 shades without it looking like the contour is too dark for my face. Personally, for an everyday contour I stick with either the 1st and 2nd of the contour shades but if I want a deeper contour I opt for the darker shade.

(Excuse the finger print: I got a bit carried away an swatched the last contour shade before taking the picture, lol)


The shades with flash photo on:


As you can see from the pictures it seems as if the pans within the palette are removable but I personally haven’t tried to remove them and I’m not sure if this means that the pans are refillable.

I found the texture of the creams to be, ironically, quite stiff and almost wax like which is something I was not expecting however when I dip my brush into the pans product does pick up. With regards to the contour shades, I could say a little goes a long way especially if you’re opting for a deeper contour than usual. I personally like to use a beauty blender to blend my contour as I’ve found this gives me the most flawless finish.

The creams are quite pigmented which is why you don’t need a lot of product when applying it to the skin. I did one swatch of each shade on the back of my hand to show you how pigmented they are:


For me the contour kit is a major hit, in order words, I love it. I find that I can get both a subtle or strong contour with this palette and have found the other shades to be useful too. For example, the orange corrector is pretty good at covering dark blemishes on the skin which I was pleasantly surprised at. However, I do find the highlight a bit too bright on me for day to day but I’m sure others would like it if they like bright under eyes.

A top tip: if you feel as if you’ve left your contour sitting on the skin too long and you’re finding a bit difficult to blend, then try spritzing a mist, like mac fix+ or setting spray, as this will dampen the skin making the contour easier to blend.

Overall, I’m thrilled with this product and even though it’s quite pricey I feel like it will last a long time so you’re deffo getting your money’s worth.

I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on the A.B.H Contour Kit and if you have any questions feel free to comment them below.

See you soon,



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