Vegan Week

So last week I decided to do vegan week and here’s how it went…

Veganism is not something I’ve ever thought about converting to but since seeing the hype online (and my brother pushing me to do it) I thought it would be worth a try. Admittedly, I hadn’t done a significant amount of research before I started which is probably why I struggled on some days but I survived it nonetheless.

For those who don’t know, a vegan is somebody who doesn’t eat or use animal products but for my vegan week I only opted for non-animal food. I probably should have kept a diary of all the foods I ate within the week but I only realised half way through but I did manage to take a few pics.

As I’m already vegetarian I didn’t think I’d find it too difficult to maintain a vegan diet but then I realised that milk is in basically everything I like to eat *cries*. I didn’t realise how much dairy was in my diet until I wasn’t allowed to eat certain things anymore. I substituted milk for almond milk which I wasn’t a huge fan of but found that when mixed into smoothies it was alright.

I found myself eating a lot of fruits and vegetables which is great but I found my meals to be a bit repetitive probs due to my own lack of research *sigh*. As a lot of my meals were vegetable based I found that I was eating a lot more to stay full but I was eating extremely healthily which makes it ok, right?… the struggle was real when I hit the half way point because I wanted to give up and just eat chocolate but I pushed through and completed it.

The week wasn’t totally miserable as I discovered vegan brownies which I reckon saved me haha! Admittedly they don’t taste as good as regular brownies but tasted better than my alternative snack of raisins.

I do think being vegan requires dedication in the beginning but then I guess you kind of adapt to not eating certain foods. I think if I had carried on for a few weeks I would have (struggled but) gotten used to not eating certain foods and would have adapted to the lifestyle much more.

A typical day in vegan week:

Breakfast: One strawberry, banana and blueberry smoothie with almond milk and one bowl of fruit.


Lunch: Mashed potato and corn on the cob with veg.


Dinner: Rice with kidney beans and veg with pitta bread.

I wouldn’t ever rule out a vegan lifestyle in the future as I think there are loads of great benefits in this way of life (i.e. my skin was glowing). However, being a uni student I think I’d find the diet aspect to veganism difficult to maintain but I may attempt it again this summer, who knows!

Overall, I would definitely recommend giving vegan week a try if you’re interested because there are great benefits to it and it’s an interesting challenge.

Let me know your thoughts on veganism and if you’d ever try ‘vegan week’ in the comments.

See you soon,


4 thoughts on “Vegan Week

  1. [ Smiles ] Luckily for you, there is a wide variety of vegan foods that you can eat.

    And, in future, please research whatever it is that you are interested in before jumping into it.

    May your vegan experience by an enjoyable one!

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