My thoughts when watching the Olympics

I’ve been enjoying keeping up with the Olympics so I thought I’d share a list of thoughts that have occurred to me whilst watching:

  1. *Whilst eating crisps* Shit, I really need to start working out.
  2. She’s the same age as me and she’s an Olympic champion?!
  3. *After hearing athletes have trained everyday for 4 years* Jeez I am SO lazy
  4. OMG, that was incredible!!!
  5. How is this even an Olympic sport???
  6. These people have NO hair on their body.
  7. I’m only watching and I already feel exhausted!
  8. Ooo he’s alright 😉
  10. Wait, why do they always bite the medal???
  11. Ugh, I wish I was in Rio… I’m deffo getting tickets for the next Olympics!

 Hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts, haha! Feel free to share yours in the comments 🙂

See you soon,



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