Kylie Lip Kit Review

I, like many others, have been lusting after Kylie’s lip kits ever since she first came out with them and 2 weeks ago I took the plunge and ordered some. The shade range is indescribably beautiful so went it came to choosing which shades I wanted it was a tough decision to make. After watching reviews on youtube, googling swatches and a lot of umming and arring I picked my shades. I went for ‘Brown Sugar‘ which is said to be the perfect nude for deep skin tones and ‘True Brown K’ which is supposedly what it says on the tin, a true brown.  I’ve been dying to write a review on these but forced myself to wait a few weeks so I could give you my honest opinion of what they’re like and how they wear on the lips!

The wait is over…


Each package comes with a lovely post card from Kylie thanking customers of the purchase of her lip kits which is a really nice touch!

Brown Sugar

When Kylie first mentioned she would be releasing the perfect nude for deep skin tones my eyes lit up. Being a girl of a deeper skin tone has meant I have struggled to find nudes that suit my complexion. I do love a brown lip but when I want to opt for something lighter I have never been able to find a shade that’s quite right. After doing a bit of research online about Brown Sugar I knew I had to have it!


Each lip kit comes with a matte liquid lipstick and a lip liner. The packaging, in my opinion, looks nice and I personally like that it’s not too fancy shmancy.


I love the dripping lipstick design on the box and, as lame as it sounds, the packaging almost feels special because it’s kind of weird to have it in your hands after lusting after it for so long, haha!

Brown Sugar on the skin:


The first thing I noticed when I swatched the lip kit was how pigmented it is. The first swatch is the lip liner and the second is of the matte liquid lipstick, as you can see the colour match is pretty spot on! Although the swatches are on my hand I think they suit my skin tone well. However, sometimes, I feel like this lipstick has a hint of orange in it but I’m not sure so if anyone feels the same let me know in the comments!

The liquid lipstick takes about 30 seconds – 1 minute to fully dry and has a very sweet vanilla smell which is quite strong but you can’t really smell it when it’s on the lips.

Is Brown Sugar the perfect nude for dark skin? 

For me personally, yes! When researching I’d read that people were of the opinion that Brown Sugar was too close a match to their actual skin tone. I have a deep indian skin tone and I feel that Brown Sugar compliments my complexion well and doesn’t blend into it as others have experienced.* I sometimes feel like my lip line is not as strong as I’d like because the liner and lipstick colour match is so perfect. Therefore, to give my lips more definition I like to take a slightly darker lip liner to line my lips and then I fill them in with Brown Sugar. I find that doing this helps to make my lips pop! Overall, I do love Brown Sugar as an everyday nude so props to Kylie for making it!

*(For reference my MAC foundation shade is NC45!)

Now that I’ve had time to try out the lip kits properly I’ve learnt a few things:

  • They don’t budge! Even when I’ve had the lipstick on for 10-12 hours without touch up my lips still look presentable. I have noticed that it does wear off in the centre of the lips by the end of the day, but this is pretty inevitable with any lipstick. However, I find that I can happily go all day without the need to touch up which is pretty insane!
  • They feel weightless on the lips! Whenever I wear the lip kits (pretty much everyday) they feel as if there’s nothing on the lips. With some matte lipsticks you can feel that the lipstick is on the lips and this can often feel uncomfortable however with Kylie’s the formula is so light and comfortable!
  • Smooth application! Kylie’s lip kits melt like butter onto the lips and the formula is so pigmented that you hardly ever need more than one coat!
  • Not too drying! I guess it’s inevitable with a matte lipstick that your lips are going to feel dry by the end of the day, however these lipsticks are incredibly moisturising. Even as I sit here at 10pm I don’t feel like my lips are overly dry or crumbly which is what I’ve experienced with other lipsticks!

True Brown K

What’s better than 1 Kylie lip kit? TWO of course! I’ve been eyeing up True Brown K since  Kylie first brought out her make up line. It’s one of the original shades and is simply beautiful! It’s a deep chocolate brown shades which, in my opinion, is likely to suit most, if not every, skin tone. For me brown shades are always a fail-safe so when I saw that it was in stock on the site I quickly added it do my basket!


As expected the kit comes with a matte liquid lipstick and a matching lip liner.

True Brown K on the skin:


From the swatch you can clearly see that True Brown K really is a true brown. The lipstick and liner match perfectly and glide beautifully onto the lips. I would highly recommend this shade if you’re into autumnal shades!


Prices, Postage and Packaging

The bit everyone dreads… the price! Each Kylie lip kit retails at $29.00 which in English pounds equates to £23.69. This can be considered expensive to some but if, like me, you’re a lipstick addict this is, in my opinion,  a reasonable price as the kit comes with a liquid lipstick and a lip liner. From memory, the postage from America cost me around $14, which is £11.44. Typically, I detest paying for postal charges however I’d been pre-warned of the horror stories about the postage and shipping prices, so on this occasion I was willing to take the plunge.


On top of the delivery charge I had to pay the dreaded customs charges. I’d heard various stories of some people being charged and others not, but unfortunately for me a £16 customs charge was waiting for me and I had collect if from the post office! So, all together the lip kits, delivery charge and customs charge cost me around £76 which made quite the dent in my purse! To be fair to Kylie, the lip kits arrived within 3-4 days and the customs charges aren’t exactly her fault!

I have to admit I’m not a fan of the shipping and customs charges but I don’t think that would stop me ordering from the site again in the future because the quality is so amazing!

I hope you enjoyed my review on Kylie’s lip kits and found it helpful if you’re deciding whether to purchase or not. Personally, I’m a huge fan as I think shades suit me well and the formula is so long lasting!

Let me know if you’ve tried any of the lip kits and what your thoughts are in the comments section!

Thanks for reading!

See you soon,



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