Anastasia who? Getting the glow on a budget

Being a student means that high end make up remains on the wish list section of most websites. Ever since Anastasia Beverly Hills released their glow kits I’ve been lusting after them but the price really put me off. Whilst shopping in my local Superdrug I came across this beautiful highlight pallete at an even more beautiful price of £6!!! Yes £6!!!

So what is this mysteriously-cheap-yet-stunning-pallete I hear you all cry? It is the Make Up Revolution Golden Sugar Rose Gold 2, quite a mouthful I know!

The pallete is excellent value for money as you get 2 blushes and 6 highlight shades for an amazing price of £6!!!

Being a girl of a deeper skin tone I find that the highlighters compliment my skin tone well, however the one blush (shade 8) comes across ashy as you will see in the swatches. Despite this, I’m still in love with the pallete as you get so many shades for such a reasonable price!

The shades are very pigmented which makes the pallete all the more lovable and again excellent value for money. The rose gold theme is very evident and I love that the colours actually show up on my skin tone. This may sound odd to some but often I find that shades can look ashy or not even show up my skin tone but the colour pay off with this pallete is great!

You’ve probably guessed I’m a big fan of this pallete and I can’t recommend it enough! If you’re a fan of highlight and are looking for high end dupe I think Make Up Revolution offers some great alternatives, so check out your local Superdrug!

Get that glow gurrrrrrrrrrrl ✨

Thanks for reading!

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