2017: Girl Love, Happiness & Adventure

I know it’s a little late, 19 days late in fact, but Happy New Year! The past year for me has been one of change, growth and happiness which I’m truly thankful for. As it’s the new year many of us have embarked on new year’s resolutions to overcome or achieve certain things. The new year symbolises, for many, a fresh start and a new beginning and this is something I believe in too. I’m not really big on new year’s resolutions but here are a few of my ‘goals’ for 2017 and life:


My first goal is to only do things that make me happy. I know that happiness is not a destination but last year I decided that I was only going to do things that I was happy with doing and I can honestly say following this mantra actually left me feeling a lot happier. Obviously, there are certain things in life that we have to do and we don’t particularly enjoy but the general ethos behind this goal for me is to avoid situations that make me uncomfortable. This is not to say that I will not push myself outside of my comfort zone however, I know, from the past, that certain situations make me feel uncomfortable so I have decided to eradicate these anxious feelings by follow the mantra ‘do what makes you happy.


I recently had a conversation with an old school friend and we were talking about the lack of union there is between women and after it really got me thinking about ‘girl love’ and how much of it we don’t have these days and it honestly made me sad. As social media and the world has evolved I have noticed more and more the lack of unity between women. Regardless of being old or young I have seen both online and in person the poor relationships that women share and this is what I DON’T want in my life.

I have always advocated and always will support the growth and empowerment of women but I never really speak about it. I’ve realised I’m more of a admire-from-a-distance kind of person and I really want to change this. From now on I’ve decided to make a conscious effort to voice my support for the women in my life as opposed to supporting in silence. I know unity amongst everyone is ambitious but if I can start with those around me then that would make me happy. Unity between the world would obviously be the ultimate goal but baby steps. Believe in the sisterhood.


Always look for the good whether it’s in people or circumstances. I can’t lie I’m not positive 100% of the time and sometimes we lose sight of the good in life because of the circumstances we are in. I have always believed that any bad situation we are in is a learning curve leading you to the positive. That might sound hippyish or whatever but I think it’s true. I’ve learnt so much about people and now know that some people are meant to be in your life and others were only meant to be there for a while and that’s okay.

Im not really one for quotes but to quote a quote “Holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else: you are the one who gets burned”. This quote has really resonated with me because I’ve learnt that if someone or something is not making me happy then simply LET GO and don’t let them/it reduce your happiness anymore. Surround yourself with positive people and positive energy. Make YOUR life the most happy it can be because at the end of the day it’s YOUR life.


I’m sure this goal resonates with many as it’s something that we strive for but often don’t achieve. Organisation for me is something that comes and goes, as in some days I’m super organised and productive but other days I spend the whole day watching Netflix in my princess pyjamas. What I’m hoping to achieve this year is some consistency in my work ethic and more free time. Now, ‘more free’ time sounds rather ambitious even to me as I do a full time law degree and have a part time job, however I think that being more organised will help me factor in some ‘me time’. To help me stay organised I’ve bought this: Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 11.50.14.pngA simple but adorbs notebook which, I am planning to write in everyday. Since purchasing a diary last year I’ve found that it really does help me keep on top of my uni work, so I thought I’d buy another for everyday day and personal use. I also love the title ‘making things happen’ as it’s almost a reminder that you go achieve anything (kinda deep but I think it’s true).


Drink more water. This is something that I struggle with in the winter as water in the winter means constant peeing but I refuse to let this be an excuse. I’ve enlisted the help of my Primarni water bottle to help me do this and so far it seems to be working!



Make conscious decisions regarding my health. I think we often find ourselves eating and drinking certain things without realising the impact it has on our bodies. Trying to keep fit and exercise is usually something I only stick with typically 2-3 weeks before I slip back into old habits. This year I’ve decided that I’m not going to be super strict but just be conscious of what my food intake is and how regularly I exercise. I figured this way I can’t really fail and it’s healthy way to be healthy, if that makes sense!


I hold my hands up, I can be very spendy. I don’t spend my money on designer goods or anything wildly expensive but I do accumulate a lot of random things like head bands with bear ears on and multiple packs of fine liners. My justification is always something along the lines of ‘it’s cute’ and before I know I’ve spent a lot on a lot of random and unnecessary things.

I’m not totally irresponsible with my money and I always have money allocated aside for my responsibilities like my car etc. However, I do feel I can really cut back on spending money on things which I simply don’t need. To help me monitor my spending I’ve noted down my monthly incomings and outgoings, given myself a weekly spending allowance and set up a monthly saving goal. I’m hoping that my savings will enable me to travel more whether it’s this year or the next. Essentially, I want to get more out of my money and I feel like I’ll be able to do this by experiencing things instead of buying ‘things’.

Side note: my friend Diane recently made a youtube video on money management which you can check out by clicking HERE <<<<


Be adventurous. I have learnt that I often let my anxieties hold me back from going out and doing things. I’m that person who thinks of every possible worst case scenario and convinces myself not to do something. It’s been a battle which I’m slowly defeating but I can’t lie some days I do feel defeated. I have found that my mindset really helps with my confidence so I’m training to train myself to have a more optimistic outlook on life.

Sometimes taking the plunge and doing something you’re not comfortable with opens doors to new friends, new opportunities and new memories. Other times you can take the plunge and it can be an awful experience but an experience none the less. I want this post to act as a reminder to myself and anyone reading to: stop saying and start doing!


I hope 2017 is everything you want it to be and more!

If you made it this far, thanks for reading!

See you soon,



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